Coronavirus Update

Talofa to all our families and beloved abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, USA and in different parts of the world. We are certainly in trying times right now and without a doubt experiencing something we have never encountered before in our lives. I hope that this message finds each and every one of you and your loved ones well and in the best of health. But more importantly, that you all are staying safe and sheltered from this coronavirus pandemic.

I pray and ask that our good and gracious father continue to cover each and every one of us during this difficult time. I boldly declare “Psalm 91” over each of you, your families and your household. I declare also that the blood of Jesus will cover and protect us all against any harm or any disease, especially the coronavirus. We stand in faith and we stand in agreement in prayer as one family that we all will get through this victoriously unharmed!

In any event, I know many of you have had some concerning questions regarding the reunion, specifically pertaining to registration, reunion dues and whether the reunion will take place next year given the situation with the pandemic. As you may have seen on the news, the virus has continued to take its toll all over the world, but primarily impacting the USA severely, with over 760,000 infected as of today. Though we are seeing signs of recovery and improvement globally, we are still far from expecting any major improvements in the US. Given this circumstance, it is prematurely too soon to tell whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel and whether we can expect an end to this in over the next month or two. Furthermore, we also know millions among millions of families overseas and here in the US have been displaced from work as a result of this. You may be among these families or know of someone that is coping with job loss, financial struggles to pay bills, food shortages in your household and stress among many other critical factors to endure physically and emotionally.

With that said, it is very difficult to tell at this time what the future outlook will be worldwide, let alone the USA. Right now, we are all learning how to survive with the constant changing environment and adapt to these situations as the changes come about on a day by day basis. At this time, no one as of yet can predict if the virus will continue over the next several months. We do know that many citizens of several US States are protesting the stay-at-home order and demanding that President Trump reopen the country back up the beginning of May. President Trump’s fear is that if he reopens the country back up too soon, we could see a significant spike in the number of infections and therefore deaths associated with this effect.  This decision will indeed result in an unwarranted catastrophe.

Presently, here is where we stand. The final date for registration is due on May 31st, 2020, and the final date for reunion fees is due on October 30th, 2020.  At this point, we are temporarily suspending all reunion activities including registration, fee collections, and committee meetings until the nationwide and global bans have been officially lifted and your specific country has resumed normal work and life conditions. We will hold off for the time being on all reunion activity and assess the situation as they come about on a month-by-month basis. However, should the virus continue over the next several months into August and a ban is still in place, we will be sending out a survey to collect your feedback if whether we shall resume plans to have the reunion in July of 2021, or if we shall postpone it for another time. During this survey, we will solicit everyone’s feedback and will be sharing it with the family via the website. This decision will be a collective Lemalu family decision.  

Needless to say, our safety and our well-being, and of that of our families are our top priorities. While we are optimistic about our July 2021 reunion, we all pray for God’s grace and favor over us. Moreover, may he give us the wisdom and direction to do the right thing for the sake of our families. Please take care of one another during this time. Check-in with each other from time to time, especially your elderly family and neighbors. Help where you can, share your food with those in need if you have extra to spare. Remember to always be safe and practice social distancing.

Don’t forget to subscribe at to receive the latest news, posts, survey reports, and updates on the upcoming reunion.  May God bless you all, and may you all stay safe. Please reach out to me or any of the committee members directly or via email at if you have any questions, concerns, feedback or comments. God Bless, Lemalu Julius


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