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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Talofa and Happy New Years to you all abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and in different parts of the world. I hope that this announcement finds you and your loved ones all in the best of health. May our good and gracious Father continue to grace you all with a happy, healthy and a beautiful life this new year as we eagerly await to reunite in a few short months!

That said, the time has come as we’re quickly counting down the months to our third family reunion. Below you will find information valuable to you as you prepare for the next reunion.

OFFICIAL REUNION DATE! Monday, July 05, 2021 – Friday, July 09, 2021

Communication and Announcements will all be posted on the website. All information and latest updates related to the reunion will be found on this website. This website will provide information in real time as they come available. If you have any questions relating to the reunion, accommodation, tours, transportation, travel, etc, please send an inquiry to as we want to help make your transition from home to Seattle as seamless as possible. I do recommend you subscribe on the website to stay in-tuned with the latest updates.

Registration: We ask that the head of each household go onto the website and register every member of your household that will be attending the reunion. Note, on the website, you can choose to “register only” and either select the option to pay now, or pay later. Whatever payment option you choose, you have the option also to do partial payments over the next several months, or just pay in full.

Reunion Fee: The reunion fee schedule below is for all age groups, and is also available on the website.

Silver: Ages 0 – 2: $Free

Gold: Ages 3 -12: $125 (USD)

Platinum: Ages 13+ : $250 (USD)

Critical Dates: Please make note of these critical dates. Due to the amount of people attending the reunion and the high cost to coordinate reunion facilities, we are keeping strictly to our posted timeline. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you, but this is necessary to assure we have a smooth and seamless reunion.

Last Day to Register: May 31th, 2020 is the last day to register for the reunion. Registration will be closed after that point and will not accept any late registration. This is practically four months away, so please register your family as soon as possible today to reserve your bed/room before the reunion. Please DO NOT register anyone who are uncertain about attending. We need to be as accurate as possible with our headcount.

Last Day to Pay Reunion Dues: October 30th, 2020 is the last day to remit all your reunion dues for you and your family. We will assume that if you registered, but did not pay by the registration due date, then we will infer you are not coming.

Submission of Itinerary: June 1st, 2021. Please remit your itinerary to no later than by this date (sooner is preferred). We need your itinerary to arrange your pickup from the airport to the hotel and/or reunion site, as well as return back to the airport.

Air and Accommodations

Air: The week you are arriving into Seattle will be an EXTREMELY busy weekend for Seattle and the United States. July 4th is the USA’s Independence Flag Day. The cost of air travel in Seattle during that time period may be expensive. Therefore, we would recommend booking your flights early if possible, preferably 6-8 months in advance.

Accommodations: On the website, there will be a few hotel options to choose from that is within close proximity from each other. We aim to choose the best quality hotels that offer the best rates and amenity services that is within walking distances to nearby restaurants, entertainment conveniences and shopping centers. We recommend you reserve your hotel for the days you are arriving prior to the reunion and the days after the reunion (if need be) without delay. Again, because of the Independence Day holiday, we ask that you book your hotel stay as soon as possible, ideally 6-8 months in advance. Hotels during this holiday book up fairly quickly and if you register late, you may end up paying a high premium price, assuming there are still any rooms available. DON’T be late to book your hotel rooms!

Air BnB: If hotel options are not feasible for you and your large party, we can assist with finding home rentals for you in the nearby areas as an alternative. Home rental options are available, however they may be very costly due to the holiday and will be out of the way for bus transport pickup. Please send your inquiry to for assistance and more information.

In any event, the wheels of time are turning much faster now and every member of our team is hard at work planning our third Lemalu Talaifo and Lili Lemalu family reunion. Already the team has come up with some crazy, fun and wild ideas! Get ready for a wild adventure and we’ll see you in the summer of 2021 in Seattle!

Feel free to call this mobile number at 206.687.8273 or email at if you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with.


Lemalu-USA Reunion Committee


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