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Reunion 2021 Update - Postponed

Talofa and greetings beloved family in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, USA and in different parts of the world. I hope this message finds each and every one of you and your loved ones well and in the best of health, even more so now during this challenging pandemic crises.

On behalf of the USA committee, we wanted to give you all an update from our last announcement in April as to our recent development for the upcoming reunion. It is clearly evident from what we see today globally that the corona virus pandemic is far from subsiding. In fact, it appears to have quadrupled in the number of infections since our last announcement. With everything that has happened in America in the past few months and potentially in the months to come with the pandemic and the political landscape, we don’t see this as a safe time to travel to the US. Moreover, without a cure or vaccine for the corona virus, we do not recommend any travel into or anywhere around the US at this time. We do however believe the US will return back to normal fairly quickly and will once again be a safe country to visit and enjoy upon overcoming and surpassing the pandemic and the forthcoming political election.

With that said, we the committee have unanimously voted to postpone our July 2021 reunion. Our tentative new reunion date will be set for: July 4th – 8th, 2022”. This is however contingent upon a safe vaccine being released for the corona virus, and it is deemed safe to travel again to the US.

With regards to reunion fees. All collection and payment of reunion fees will continue to remain suspended until further notice. For those of you that have already paid your reunion dues, we are processing your refunds back to you this week. You should be seeing a credit back to your bank account within the next 3-5 business days.

In the meantime, we will all stay in contact via Facebook, email and the website for future updates for the next upcoming reunion. If anyone has any questions, or wish to discuss this issue, please reach out to the committee directly via email at or you can call Julius directly at 206-687-8273 (mobile).

God bless you all and be safe! Lemalu-USA Reunion Committee


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